Application for Cylorr, 110 Frost Mage (912 ilvl)

tell us about yourself and what brings you to Forged Alliance
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Application for Cylorr, 110 Frost Mage (912 ilvl)

Post by Cylorr » August 4th, 2017, 12:53 pm

Name (first name only): Cylorr
Age: 30+
Character Name: Cylorr
Realm: Proudmoore
Class: Mage (Frost)

Have you read and understand the following posts? yes
- Read This Before Applying
- About Us

Do you understand that if you are accepted you will be given the Member rank and should not expect to be invited to raids?
Yes. However my toon is fully geared and prepared to raid, but in Legion I don't have a ton of experience with all the boss fights. Have done 9/9 ToS on normal difficulty about 2-3 times. So if i'm available and needed, and the raid is willing to explain the fight I can sub in. ... ore/cylorr

Why did you leave your previous (current) guild?
I wasn't there long, they were small and looking to merge with a hardcore mythic raiding guild. Good people, very skilled players, but way more hardcore than I wanted and much younger/immature crowd.

How did you find our guild?
Combination of google and various forums, don't remember exactly

Is there anything else you want to tell us?
Prefer to run mythic+ dungeons to gear up more and may eventually want to raid more frequently, but until then happy to sub in if needed.

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Re: Application for Cylorr, 110 Frost Mage (912 ilvl)

Post by draven » August 4th, 2017, 6:55 pm

greetings, thanks for the app! everything looks good to me.
Cylorr wrote: Name (first name only): Cylorr
i suspect that is not the case, but we'll let it slide.
Cylorr wrote: Age: 30+
good answer ;)

anywho, track someone down online and we can get you an invite :)

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