Forged Alliance
Forged Alliance
of destromath / proudmoore
  1. Who is Forged Alliance?
  2. Expected Conduct
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  4. Guild Ranks
  5. Raiding
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  13. Raid Progression History
Who is Forged Alliance?

Forged Alliance is a PvE focused World of Warcraft guild on the US Proudmoore server. We consider ourselves to be a mature, casual raiding guild with a friendly and "family-oriented" atmosphere. This does not mean that we don't take raiding seriously, we just realize that most people have a lot of other things going on outside of WoW, and that raiding doesn't always fit into people's schedules. Progression for us is downing bosses with our guildies, whatever we may be working on, although we try our best to keep up with new content.

Forged Alliance has existed in various forms since several smaller guilds merged to raid ZG and AQ20 shortly before the release of the Burning Crusade. Originally formed on the Destromath server, the guild was transferred to Proudmoore in June of 2017, although there are still active players in both guilds. We have a wide range of people and player types in the guild, from relatively hardcore raiders to very casual non-raiders, altoholics who seem to be online constantly, while some people make an appearance every week or so. We have a loose age restriction of 21+, as we are here to play and enjoy the World of Warcraft, and not be annoyed by our guild mates.


Expected Conduct

All members of Forged Alliance are expected to act in a mature and respectful manner when participating in any part of the WoW universe (except against Horde). We try to maintain a friendly, family type atmosphere, so please watch your language and try to keep things positive. Racist, sexist, and / or excessively derogatory language is not tolerated, and we have little tolerance for juvenile behavior in general. Common sense will hopefully prevail in most situations, but if you have any issues or complaints, please talk to one of the officers.

When you are in raids, dungeons, battlegrounds, or chat channels that include players outside of the guild, please remember that you have a Forged Alliance tag over your head, and you represent all of us. Negative behavior reflects poorly upon the guild, and we try to keep a good reputation on the server.



All guild members are expected to create a forum account and read, if not participate in, discussions. There is a lot of essential information that is communicated through the forums, and the general attitude of guild leadership is that people should be proactive about keeping themselves informed. If you are too lazy to read the forums and you miss out on something, it is your own fault.

The forum sections are broken down into fairly self-explanatory topics. Please feel free to contribute or discuss anything you think relevant, or any suggestions or questions you may have. When writing a post, please keep in mind that the forum gods do not appreciate flame wars, trolling, forum sniping, or other general stupidity.


Guild Ranks

Guild ranks are defined to help organize, maintain, and progress the guild. If you have any questions about your current rank, please ask an officer.

  • Guild Master: Oversees the general direction of the guild as a whole. Settles issues, complaints, and drama. Enacts new guild policy and enforces the current policies of the guild.
  • Officer: May or may not raid, but has been with the guild a long time, and been involved with guild direction and decisions. May have been an original founding member of the guild, or may have proven themselves to be exceptionally helpful and trustworthy over the years. They help settle drama, and work together as a whole to keep the guild moving forward, while maintaining a fun, friendly environment.
  • Organizer: These people are interested in and proactive about putting together raids of all shapes and forms. They have all the tools at their disposal to allow them to create and manage guild events. Organizers should be mindful of other raids and try not to overschedule raids.
  • Raider: Characters that meet the requirements for the current tier of raiding content as defined in the Ranks post. Raiders are expected to be prepared for the raids we are currently working on, including appropriate gear, consumables, and knowledge of encounters. Raiders get a daily repair allowance and are generally provided with flasks and feasts.
  • Raider Alt: This rank is for alts of Raiders that meet the requirements for the Raider rank.
  • Casual Raider: This rank is for people / characters who are interested in raiding, but do not meet the requirements for the Raider rank.
  • Member: This serves as the default rank, and also people / characters that have no interest in raiding, or characters that are not at the maximum level.
  • Inactive: Alts that never really get played or people that may have quit the game or are taking an extended break. Mainly a fail safe more than anything in case an inactive account gets sold or hacked they can't cause any trouble.



Raids are scheduled on the forums and through the in game calendar system. If you are interested in raiding please sign up on the calendar or post on the forums. We try to include everyone who wants to raid as frequently as possible, but due to the nature of our guild this doesn't always happen. Our focus is generally on having fun while progressing through content, but if raids are not going the way you would hope or expect, please be patient and feel free to share your ideas about how we could improve.

Please remember, especially for larger raids, to be respectful of everyone else's time. Every minute that you waste by showing up late to raids, frequently being afk, needing to have the same encounters explained to you repeatedly, not paying attention, talking excessively and / or over people in mumble / vent, or just wasting time with general asshattery is a minute of everyone else's time you're wasting as well. We have a limited amount of time to raid each week, which means that we must use it efficiently and be focused during every raid.

If you do not have experience with a certain encounter or instance, it is your responsibility to research it. Strategies will be explained for new encounters and raiders. Learning a new encounter takes time, so if you have any questions regarding your role in an encounter please ask someone. No one will be mad at you for asking questions before a boss pull, however that may not be the case if you wipe the raid due to your ignorance. Please refer to the Raid Strategy forum for more information and links.

Additional information about general raid expectations can be found here.


Loot Distribution

Loot distribution is at the raid leader's discretion. In most cases it will be group loot main spec need / off spec greed or personal loot mode.

As a general rule, we try to be as fair about loot distribution as possible. Main characters are generally given priority over alts, and main spec is given priority over offspec. There are occasions when raid progession is taken into consideration, for example giving priority to tanks, or certain legendary weapons to more consistent raiders. If disputes arise, the raid leader makes the final decision. Please feel free to discuss any issues you may have with officers, but also please remember that one piece of gear isn't going to make or break a character, and loot drama is generally not worth the effort or negativity it generates.



We use Mumble for our verbal communication service. Raiders are expected to have it installed. More information can be found in the Mumble post.


Guild Bank

There are seven guild bank tabs for the use of the guild. The lowest tab is for raiders only, from which flasks can be obtained. Raiders should use those flasks for guild raids only, and should not take more flasks than they need on a weekly basis. The other lower tabs are a free for all of things that may be useful to others in the guild. Higher tabs are generally for raid specific items. Anything you have access to you are welcome to take. You may make a request for items in the End Game Raid tab in the Guild Bank Request thread, although preference is generally given to more consistent raiders, and everyone is encouraged to acquire / farm for their own mats whenever possible. Requests for mats are generally met halfway, for example if an item requires six orbs to craft, up to three will be distributed. See the Guild Bank Request post for more information.


Chat Channels

Trade Chat:
Please do not participate in the trolling and general asshattery that is commonplace in the trade channel. Doing so is an excellent way to draw the ire of guild leadership.

Guild Chat:
General chat about pretty much anything. However, please watch your language and refrain from spamming, for example dps meters, the pretty purplez you just got, or how awesome you are. Most of the time, no one else cares.

Healers: fahealer
Healing assignments during raids or anything specific to healing.

Spam: faspam
Meters, pretty purplez, macro testing, and whatever else you feel like spewing forth.


Joining the Guild

Joining the guild is a relatively easy process, assuming you are capable of filling out the application properly.

There are two types of applications:
Raider Application
Member Application

The Raider application is for people who join the guild with the intent to participate in raids. These applications are reviewed for completeness, knowledge of your class, and gear, including proper gems and enchants. Applications that are approved are given the rank of Raider. Characters that do not meet the requirements for the Raider rank are given the rank of Casual Raider.

The Member application is for people who do not want to raid and / or just want to play with friends.


Leaving the Guild

We realize Forged Alliance may not be the right guild for everyone. Should you choose to leave the guild, you should keep in mind that the manner in which you depart is taken into consideration if you, for some strange reason, decide to return. An explanation of your reasons and / or motivations for leaving is generally appreciated, while randomly disappearing is not.


Forged Horde

For those with Horde characters on the server who are in search of a guild, you may be interested in joining our not particularly active Horde counterpart: Forged Horde


Raid Progression History

Zul'Gurub: 9/9
Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj: 2/6

Burning Crusades:
Karazhan: 11/11
Serpentshrine Cavern: 5/6
Tempest Keep: 3/4
Battle for Mount Hyjal: 4/5
Black Temple: 4/9

Wrath of the Lich King:
Naxxramas: 15/15
Obsidian Sanctum: 1/1
Maylgos: 1/1
Ulduar: 13/14
Onyxia: 1/1
Trial of the Crusader: 5/5
Ice Crown Citadel: 12/12, 11/12H
Ruby Sanctum: 1/1

Bastion of Twilight (10): 4/4, 1/4H
Blackwing Descent (10): 6/6, 1/6H
Throne of the Four Winds (10): 2/2
Firelands (10): 7/7, 6/7H
Dragon Soul (10): 8/8, 8/8H

Mists of Pandaria:
Mogushan Vaults (10): 6/6
Heart of Fear (10): 5/6
Throne of Thunder (10): 12/12, 2/13H
Siege of Orgrimmar (10): 14/14, 13/14H

Warlords of Draenor:
Highmaul: 7/7H, 1/7M
Blackrock Foundry: 10/10H
Hellfire Citadel: 13/13H, 7/13M

Emerald Nightmare: 7/7H, 1/7M
Trial of Valor: 3/3H
Nighthold: 10/10H
Tomb of Sargeras: 9/9H