ATVHealer - Nonraiding Druid

tell us about yourself and what brings you to Forged Alliance
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ATVHealer - Nonraiding Druid

Post by Strezzedoutz » February 25th, 2017, 3:57 pm

Name (first name only): Anthony
Age: 26
Character Name: ATVHealer
Realm: Destromath
Class: Druid
Level: 110
PvP or PvE focus? PvE for now, eventually will be evenly split.

Have you read and understand the following posts?
- Read This Before Applying
- About Us

Do you understand that if you are accepted you will be given the Member rank?

Do you understand that you SHOULD NOT expect to be invited to raids and will ONLY be invited to raids if no other characters ranked Raider or higher are able to fill those spots?

Why did you leave your previous (current) guild?
Guild was a small group of 4 IRL Friends. This is my alt that I leveled separate from the character I play with them. They are not at 110 so I can not do anything endgame with them yet.

How did you find our guild?
Looked up top guilds, then found the guild listed in-game.

Who in the guild do you know?
No one

How many alts do you have and is this your main?
This is my highest leveled character. I have 1 of every other class hovering around level 30.

Anything else we missed or you want to tell us?
I will eventually leave when my friends get to endgame and are ready for endgame content. However this will not be for a long while. I've been playing solo for a long while, and it's hard to find groups for world quests.

I used to play from Classic to WOTLK, then took a hiatus. Recently rejoined fresh during the Legion Invasion senarios. Still getting a little used to all the changes since WOTLK.

Most of my playing will be on the weekends. Very busy with school and work otherwise.

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Re: ATVHealer - Nonraiding Druid

Post by draven » February 25th, 2017, 4:15 pm

greetings, thanks for the app! track someone down online and we can get you an invite :)

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