Yúne - Ret Paladin

tell us about yourself and what brings you to Forged Alliance
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Yúne - Ret Paladin

Post by KenMasters » January 24th, 2017, 9:32 pm

Name (first name only): Brandon
Age: 20
Character Name: Yúne
Realm: Thunderlord
Class: Paladin
Level: 110
Main Spec: Retribution
Off Spec(s):Holy (still learning it)

Have you read and understand the following posts?
- Read This Before Applying
- Ranks
- About Us


Which of the following best describes your raiding goals? The rest of your application will be judged based on the answer to this question, so please make sure your character reflects your goals.
1. Raid whenever you have time in whatever group is most convenient
2. Raid consistently in a normal / heroic mode group and maybe some mythic
3. Dedicated to progressing through mythic at whatever rate the group is capable of
4. Hardcore mythic progression
5. None of the above, please explain:

ANSWER-Number 2

Please link your armory profile: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/t ... Ane/simple

What is your raid experience? Please list as much as you think is relevant.
ANSWER- I raided with "Mediocre Men" through Hellfire Citadel when I really started to raid. Cleared normal and heroic and did up to Kilrog Mythic with them. I had barely gotten into raiding at the time so my gear wasn't that good at all. I cleared Emerald Nightmare once until I took a break from WoW. I just came back about a month ago.

Why did you leave your previous (current) guild?
ANSWER- The reason I'm planning to leave is simply the raid times. My class schedule lines up terribly with their current raid times and it's really frustrating not being able to raid with a group and having to pug.

How did you find out about our guild?
ANSWER- WoWProgress

Does anyone in our guild know you?
ANSWER- Not that I know of.

How many alts do you have and is this your main?
ANSWER- I have a 860 Windwalker that I started out with in the beginning of xpac and did my raiding with.

What are your play times?
ANSWER- Almost everyday most of my class are mid-day to night and I'm not employed at the moment.

Which of our raid times would you be able to make?
ANSWER- From what I can see all of them unless something urgent comes up.

Would you be willing to sit out if it is necessary without a fuss?

What website(s) do you use to research your character(s)?
ANSWER- I sim my character through sim craft.

Have you spent a sufficient amount of time and gold on your gear, gems, and enchants?
ANSWER- Always

Raiders are expected to use consumables during raids. In the following categories what consumable would you use and why?
- Flask/Elixirs: Flask of Countless Armier (Str Flask)
- Well Fed: The Hungry Magister (Crit Food) - or versatily food depending on my stat weights.
- Potion: Potion of Old War

What is the basic enchanting / gemming strategy for your character?
ANSWER-Strength when I can. ATM It's between crit and vers. My they are close and my stat weights change on every peice. Hidden Satyr Neck.

What is your favorite boss fight and why? What boss haven't you fought that you're looking forward to the most?
ANSWER-Favorite boss fight was Archimonde in Draenor I love all the stuff that goes on.
ANSWER-I'm looking forward to Guldan so we can finally kill him.

What boss mod(s) / addons do you use?
ANSWER-DBM and any other addons that are helpful for certain fights. (Ex. Iskar Assist)

What website(s) do you use to proactively research raid encounters?

Is there anything else you want to tell us?
ANSWER- Just looking for a chill friendly guild focused on progressing as far as they can go.

Are there any ways that we can improve the application process?
ANSWER- Nothing comes to mind.

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Re: Yúne - Ret Paladin

Post by draven » January 24th, 2017, 11:24 pm

greetings, thanks for the app! my standard disclaimer to youngins these days (or anyone for that matter) is that we expect our members to behave in a mature and respectful manner, but as long as you are capable of doing so it shouldn't be an issue. otherwise everything looks good to me, track someone down online and we can get you an invite :)

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