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Forged Alliance is a casual raiding guild composed mostly of adults (21+). We do not exclude anyone based on age, but that should be a guideline as to the level of maturity we expect from our guild mates. We're a fun loving group of friends and family who enjoy playing World of Warcraft.

Our current needs are listed on the Home Page and WoW Progress.

For general information and overview of the guild, you should read the About Us page and familiarize yourself with the General Guild Information and Links post.

After that, go to the appropriate thread below, copy it, and then start a new Topic in the Application Forum with a subject that includes your character name, Paste it and fill in your information. Good luck!

Application for Raiders: Use this if you plan to raid. Please try to make sure you log out in you PvE gear so that it is reflected in the armory. If you do not meet the Raider Rank requirements, you will be given the rank of Casual Raider until your character is ready.

Application for Members / Non-Raiders: Use this if you don't intend to raid and you're just applying to be in the guild with your friends and / or hang around with yus.

If you are having problems creating an account for the site or posting, please contact someone in game, or email
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