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legion raids and groups

Post by draven » September 22nd, 2016, 3:33 pm

greetings! the subject for this post is raid goals and groups. one of the fun things about my job here is the frequency at which i get to repeat things. for this particular subject i believe it's been almost 5?!? years:

nostalgia is fun. which reminds me that the subject for this post is also fun, things that are fun, and some ways that things can rapidly become not fun.

the hardest part about this game isn't a quest, achievement, boss, dungeon, or raid. it is to gather the required number of like-minded people on a set schedule capable of progressing through the challenges the game has to offer in a manner that everyone is comfortable with. that last bit is the really hard part, because when you put together a disparate group of people with a wide range of goals, experience, skill, and time to improve themselves, things can become not fun quickly. this is something i hope will not happen and i shall do my best to avoid while trying to accommodate everyone as best as possible.

i did not expect and was not prepared for the number of people that returned for legion and are now interested in raiding. if nothing else, we have too many people for one group so we need to build at least one more raid group. as outlined in the previous incarnation of this post from cataclysm, i would like to try to ensure that everyone is in a group that matches their goals and dedication to progression. i request your patience while we sort things out, i think we should have more information on that this weekend.

i did not want to exclude anyone from the first evening of raiding in the new expansion, but my goals and expectations are pretty well defined and i am going to proceed accordingly. in the past i've been excessively stubborn about normal mode to our detriment, but as i've expressed repeatedly since it's current definition i'm of the opinion that normal mode falls into the not fun category. i want to get at least heroic nythendra down this week, but unfortunately there are some that are behind the curve gear and performance-wise and i am going to exclude you from this evenings raid. my apologies to those i am going to disappoint, it is one of the least fun things about being a raid leader. i also intend to limit the progression group to at most 20 people in the short term as having more than that is a bit overwhelming and too much for me to deal with.

finally, the raider rank requirements have been updated again, they will be officially enforced at the end of the weekend. if you are interested in raiding and are not ranked as a raider or casual raider, please sign up for the raider rank event on the calendar. those ranked as raiders will receive calendar invites for the tuesday / thursday progression group. those ranked as casual raider will receive calendar invites for the normal mode group on monday. raid groups will be determined based on the calendar events so please make sure to update your status. if you are not ranked as one of the raider ranks you will not recieve invites at all.

that is all for now, if you've any questions or comments, please let me know, although i should mention that if you ask me something in game that is already conveyed on the forums, i may ignore you because i am otherwise busy and / or i prefer to play the game when i'm playing the game, not answer questions i've already answered here. thanks!

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